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Lakme Salon Expert Guide: Straight Hair

When you look at your reflection in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone who loves the way they look? Someone who loves their hair? This is the ultimate love-your-hair guide for straight hair. Give your tresses some good old pampering, and see how good they look! We’re going to cover a

Lakme Salon Expert Guide: Wavy & Curly Hair

Are you tired of complaining about your hair? Well, your hair is tired of hearing it! Embrace your hair in its full glory, and you’ll fall in love with the goddess hiding behind those tresses. This is the ultimate love-your-hair guide for wavy and curly hair. Pamper your tresses with a good old te

10 Phenomenal Female Leaders and Their Lessons on Making It

5 Must-Read Books on Entrepreneurship

Starting a business from scratch can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life. It feels like a do or die situation. There will be pressure, struggles and a lot of trials, but despite it all one thing is certain – it’s all worth it. It’s your business. It’s your baby. The pride

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